Benefits Of Drinking Water

1.     Drinking white water on time will maximize the effectiveness of our body

2.     Two glasses of water you wake up will help activate the body's internal organs

3.     One glass of water 30 minutes before a meal helps digestion and kidney function

4.     One glass of water before the bath to help lower blood pressure

5.     One glass of water before bed to ovoid a stroke or heart attack



Know The Purpose And Character of Consumer

 GROUP FAMILY SHOPPER 1.    - The shop should have playground for children
       - There must be a complete variety of snacks
       - Stores have great, so kids can be fun running

GROUP QUICK SHOPPER 2.     - The shop is not too crowded, can be quick to get goods
        - Have a place guidance
        - Cashier services are fast so they can return home quickly finish work

GROUP FUN BROWSER SHOPPER 3.     - There have hang out place
        - Available product
        - Do not have a big budget so very happy if there is activity in stores

GROUP COMPASSIONATE SHOPPER 4.     - Available product
        - The preparation is goods
        - There are a lots of promo
        - There is a food court

GROUP SMART SHOPPER 5.     - Extra services such as delivery servise
        - Discount provided
        - Promos like buy 1 get 1
Same purpose , although different characters


Essential Nutrients For Beautiful Hair

Olive Oil 
- To maintain the beauty of hair, beside helping in keeping could also add to the beauty of hair. Olive oil also functions as a softener so your hair very easily be set. 
  How to use 
    - Apply olive oil on the strands of your hair. After all wrapped hair with olive oil, gently massage the scalp. Let stand at once to really sink in olive oil and then rinse the hair thoroughly..

Aloe Vera
- Aloe Vera is the best nutrient for hair. Not only makes your skin look clean and shiny hair but also make the hair stay strong and grow faster. In addition to function and cope nourish damaged hair.
  How to use
    - Take Aloe Vera and ends up cutting out the sap or gel, then rub on any part of the hair. Let stands 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.. 

- Mayonnaise normally used to mix the salad turned out to be well to treat dry hair. Also the hair look softer and shiny.
  How to use
    - Mayonnaise apply throughout the hair. especially hair tip portion, let stand a minute and then rinse the hair as usual..

- Help prevent hair loss, is safe for all hair types
  How to use
    - Egg yolk mixed with lemon juice, rub the hair and cover hair with shower cap or towel dry, allow 30-45 minutes away. Then wash and rinse hair thoroughly..

- Make hair shine and get extra protection.
  How to use
    - A cup of milk plus one tablespoon of liquid honey, rub the skin gently massage head. Let stand for 2 hours, then wash the hair thoroughly..



Importance Of Breakfast

Slightest breakfast does not mean there's no point. Should become a good habit if your morning routine starts with breakfast. Moreover if we can select the proper breakfast, not only make our bodies energetically but also maintain a stable weight.

     In one day can say very important than breakfast lunch and dinner. Breakfast omelet or whole wheat is more nutritious and sausage in it can also be enjoyed with yogurt.

     After overnight rest, the body and brain needs enough food to provide energy when waking up. Then you should choose a rich breakfast with carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins.

     Breakfast can also reduce the habit of overeating during the day. So they can keep us from the weight which is not ideal. In addition to the body make healthy and fresh, routine can be run with maximum results. 

From now start your day with breakfast in the morning.. :)