Know The Purpose And Character of Consumer

 GROUP FAMILY SHOPPER 1.    - The shop should have playground for children
       - There must be a complete variety of snacks
       - Stores have great, so kids can be fun running

GROUP QUICK SHOPPER 2.     - The shop is not too crowded, can be quick to get goods
        - Have a place guidance
        - Cashier services are fast so they can return home quickly finish work

GROUP FUN BROWSER SHOPPER 3.     - There have hang out place
        - Available product
        - Do not have a big budget so very happy if there is activity in stores

GROUP COMPASSIONATE SHOPPER 4.     - Available product
        - The preparation is goods
        - There are a lots of promo
        - There is a food court

GROUP SMART SHOPPER 5.     - Extra services such as delivery servise
        - Discount provided
        - Promos like buy 1 get 1
Same purpose , although different characters


Know The Purpose And Character of Consumer
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